Demolition in Syracuse

When a structure needs to come down, it needs to come down. Whether you’re looking to hire a demolition company to tear down an entire building or just one part of it at Gerber Topsoil LLC we’re able to work large or small scale, and take every safety precaution while we’re at it.

There’s no doubt about it: demolition is a dangerous profession. That’s why it’s important to work with professional demolition contractors who do this sort of work on a daily basis.

Our team of fully licensed and bonded experts have been demolition whole and partial properties in scheduled as well as emergency situations in Syracuse for many years and can deal with any assignment that comes our way.


While many Syracuse homeowners may find it fun taking a sledgehammer to their old garage, professional demolition is a little more complicated. At Gerber Topsoil LLC, we offer careful controlled methods that take a number of factors into consideration. Completing our jobs with no injuries and no accidental destruction is something we pride ourselves in!

Controlled Demolition

Controlled demolition works with implosion and is used on entire buildings that need to be demolished. While we have the equipment for demolitions requiring excavators and wrecking balls, sometimes you have to go the extra mile for larger structures.

Selective Demolition

Through separation and sorting, selective demolition is the most careful method of demolition a demo company can use. As demo contractors, the ability to perform selective demolition is a valuable one. We’ll remove dangerous materials from the building we’re working with as well as valuable components, and demo what needs to be demoed while leaving what needs to be left.

Hazardous Materials

In Syracuse, demolition isn’t all about tearing it down. At Gerber Topsoil LLC, our full-service team is also on hand to remove and destroy hazardous materials. From the disposal of fluorescent lightbulbs to lead abatement, to disposing of asbestos.

Commercial Demolition

We’re available for any project, residential or commercial. We understand that commercial projects are often much larger and can be part of a team effort. We are acquainted with many other local subcontractors, and are able to work with multiple timelines easily.

All of these methods can also be used in emergency situations. Demolition may be required in the case of a fire or other disaster. When you need a team you can count on, call Gerber Topsoil LLC.

Safe Demolition With Gerber Topsoil LLC

We believe in safety at all times. By constantly re-educating ourselves on the equipment we use regularly, we can ensure the safest precautions. We also never start or end a job without doing a sweep of the area.

Every member of the Gerber Topsoil LLC team is experienced and trained, and we brace areas where we will be working before proceeding with any site demolition.

If you’re looking for a company that cares about the work they do and lets that show, give Gerber Topsoil LLC a call. We’re ready to talk to you!