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Gerber Topsoil LLC pond digging and filling

Asbestos Demolition

Demolition is dangerous enough to begin with. Adding asbestos into the mix makes it even more so. As asbestos is a carcinogen that enters most people’s bodies through the air, demolition of any building that contains asbestos becomes a danger to those demolition the building and the public around. At Gerber Topsoil LLC we have the proper equipment and training to demolition a structure containing asbestos as safely as possible. By owning all of the equipment needed for such a job, from an excavator to a decontamination trailer, we are able to keep costs low. Also, employing a New York State licensed asbestos supervisor helps to bolster our safety and cost efficiency as a company.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is much more common in older buildings than it is in newer buildings. This leads to a situation in which a building that contains asbestos collapses naturally. This would mean that the building itself would not need to be demolished, but the asbestos inside would still have to be handled the same way. We are more than happy at Gerber Topsoil LLC to come and remove a collapsed building containing asbestos from your property. We have taken the necessary steps so that we are permitted by the DEC to haul debris containing asbestos.

Asbestos Hauling

Hauling debris away is a critical component of any project that includes asbestos. All of the debris has to go somewhere after it is removed from your property. We are the right company to call when hauling debris containing asbestos. Our waste transporter permit, which we have obtained through the DEC, allows us to transport asbestos. Also, we are permitted to haul asbestos containing waste to a multitude of landfills throughout Central New York. Being able to bring debris to many different places allows us to be more cost efficient no matter which area of Central New York your property is located in.

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Gerber Topsoil LLC pond digging and filling